What is Word Stack?

Deconstructing the work of good journalists

Word Stack is here to celebrate great writing. It will explore how the best writers, bloggers, and journalists in the world pull together high quality prose. Why is their work good? What can we learn about the author and the topic beyond what is strictly on the page? Can we use these techniques in our own writing? Deconstructing good journalism will make you a better writer, and I am here to do that with you.

This newsletter is about celebration, not criticism. I’m not a professional. I have not received special training in journalism, rhetoric, or writing. I am not in the position to critique the work of others who are more experienced than myself. Don’t come here for takedowns and fact-checks on bad articles or commentary about media-drama. If you are looking for that content, I would recommend checking this site.

Writing about an article is also not necessarily an endorsement of the author’s views. While I do not intend to review work based on beliefs that I find reprehensible, the fact that I have examined an article does not mean I agree with all the conclusions.

Right now, I am hoping to publish once a week. All posts will be public. Subscription is an optional way to support the newsletter. I set the prices literally as low as possible. If you would like to monetarily support my work, it would mean a tremendous amount to me, but if you aren’t able to spend the money, please just let me know!

If there are articles or authors you would like me to cover, please reach out! I don’t promise I will do it. I prefer current work (less than 5 years) to “legacy” work, but I am willing to try older stuff if there is interest.

Email: jesse.inbox@gmail.com
Website: jesse-harris.ca
Twitter: @N3on_Online
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Deconstructing the work of good journalists.


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